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04 June 2008 @ 06:53 pm
The crack ship we PRAY never happens, but secretly want it to...  
Backround: Well me and my friend have a soft spot for Rosalie x Bella. Ever since that scene in Eclipse where Rosalie tells Bella her story...we've found the whole relationship rather suggestive. Here's an alternate scene...Here we go. :]

Bella, could I talk to you for a few minutes?

Bella's eyes widened, as she shifted nervously on her bed. "Um...sure." A confused expression fell on her ivory skin as she watched Rosalie shut the door. A click followed. Did she just lock it?

"He doesn't often leave you alone, does he?" Rosalie said. Her tone was confident. As usual. Her eyes flickered to the brunette's. Rare.

"More than I'd like." she spat back, still slightly

"I thought I could be able to take advantage of it..." Rosalie said coyly, a silver brow arched suggestively.

Bella's mind raced. It wasn't the first time she was trapped in a room with a vampire. Oddly the vampire part wasn't the part that frightened her...but what was Rosalie doing?

"Sure," Bella said, still not completely sure as she met Rosalie's eyes once more. Rosalie, like all the Cullens, was indescribably beautiful. She often found herself wondering why Edward had chosen her, when she was always around.

All thoughts were silenced once she felt a cold hand against her pantleg.

"I've always wanted to know why Edward liked you..."